Tailored solutions for Individuals and their families based on your needs and goals

Risk Management 

"Simply put, I believe the best investment in the world is the one that pays the most, when you need it the most."


Critical Illness Insurance provides a tax-free, lump-sum benefit, in the event that god forbid you are diagnosed with 1 of 25 critical illness (*Life Threatening Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke and others)

  • Plan to supplement lost income for you and your spouse

  • Plan to pay for additional medical expenses, travel costs or out of province medical procedures

  • Plan to pay off a portion or the balance of the mortgage as well as other debts

  • Ensure an immediate emergency cash fund

  • Plan to Protect your savings


Disability Insurance Planning helps protect your most valuable asset, your ability to earn an income. Should you be unable to work and earn an income because of an injury or illness

  • Protect a tax-free monthly income until age 65

  • Individual, Non-cancelable, guaranteed renewable plans

  • Individual, conditionally renewable Injury and Sickness plans


Life Insurance Planning guarantees that your dreams are accomplished, even if your no longer around to build them

  • Debt elimination plan - Ensure your family is not burdened with having to pay outstanding debts at the time of your passing

  • Income continuation plan – protect your income

  • Education plan- Give your children the educational opportunities you want them to have

  • Final Expense plan - Cover all final funeral expenses so your family doesn’t have to

  • Legacy creation and plan – Leave your loved ones is a more comfortable financial position

  • Pay the tax collector plan – Pay the looming tax bill that awaits your family at the time of death

  • Charitable giving plan – Continue giving to a cause that is important to you





Wealth Accumulation / Wealth Distribution & Estate Preservation Planning


"It takes a smart person to make money but it takes a genius to keep it"


  • TFSA, RRSP, RESP, *RDSP, Non-Registered accounts, RIF, & LIF

  • Goal based Investing

  • Mutual funds, Segregated Funds, Lifetime income Benefit, Annuities & Corporate Class funds


  • Budget planning & debt management

  • Rainy day fund plan

  • Education plan - Saving for your children’s future education

  • Save to buy your home or an investment property

  • Mortgage Plan –

  • Business plan – starting your dream business

  • Retirement plan – create the retirement you dream of

  • Conservation plan – protect you hard earned nest egg

  • Income for life plan – guarantee yourself multiple stream of income for retirement

  • Downside protection plan – protect your hard earned savings for the next financial crisis

  • Estate plan – You chose who inherits your money? Loved ones, charity or the Government RA?